Moby Dick's Restaurant in Port Aransas, Texas.
Moby Dick's Restaurant in Port Aransas, Texas.
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Be sure to visit our "Leaky Tiki Village" with its wonderful waterfall, Tiki Bar and tropical ambiance. Check out our fabulous beach shop. See authentic museum quality pirate artifacts and animatronic Pirates. Enjoy "All Day" Happy Hour Priced Adult Beverages, Music, Live Entertainment, Karaoke, and Fantastic Service!

So, join the Crew at Moby Dick's as they set sail once again for the 2013 Season! Batten down the hatches, hoist eh mainsail, strap on your most sea worthy peg leg and get your eye patch ready! Always be aware that Monkeys, Pirates and Parrots may be in attendance at any given moment! Experience the Island's authentic "History, Mystery, Mood and Food" at Moby Dick's!

Moby Dick's Restaurant in Port Aransas, Texas.



Whenever the paths of free thinking, passionate and creative individuals cross, it paves the way for phonomenal events to occur! Such is the case of Moby Dick's.

Everyone knows the story of Ed Zieglar. Ed was dropped off on the beach and marooned by his brothers at the young age of 15. He had to struggle to survive, and camped on the beach. When the fish were not biting, young Ed could be found roasting rattlesnakes for supper on an open camp fire. Ed is not only a local "cColorful Island Character." Over the years, he has become a Celebrated Artist and the Creator and Founding Father of the Legendary Moby Dick's Restaurant and Family Entertainment Complex in Port Aransas, Texas. You may also meet his family, Suzie, Ed Jr., Amanda and Jinny as they are the Management Team that oversees daily operations.

Moby Dick's is not just the place for family fun. Everyone who dines agrees that this food is far more delicious than anyone's mouth can fathom!

Ed has spent years putting together a phenomenal culinary "All Star" staff. The talented Galley Chefs at Moby Dick's are committed to use only the finest ingredients available.

Tickle your Tonsils with one of our Extraordinary Appetizers. Jump Start your Taste Buds with our Fresh, Succulent Shrimp and Seafood from the Gulf of Mexico. Try one of our Mammoth USDA Hand Cut Steaks, Live Maine Lobsters, Gargantuan Hand Made Burgers, Crisp Tropical Salads and Desserts to "Die For!"

Port Aransas Locals, Winter Texans, Senior Citizens and Tourists alike, all love the Daily Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Specials. Most are amazed at the quality and the affordable prices. Kids especially love the state of the art video games and the tasty offerings on the "Little Matey" menu!

Moby Dick's Restaurant in Port Aransas, Texas.
Moby Dick's Restaurant in Port Aransas, Texas.